Regional Gatherings

One of the ways Dup15q Alliance meets its mission of providing support to families is by promoting regional gatherings. These get-togethers offer families the opportunity to make new friends, renew old ties, and spend some relaxed time together with other families. It is a unique opportunity to spend time with families who completely understand the challenges and joys of raising a child with a chromosome 15q duplication.

Regional gatherings can take many different forms.

  • A Potluck at the home of a Dup15q Alliance family
  • A picnic and day playing at a state park
  • A weekend at a camp ground
  • A more formal meeting with professionals
  • A night spent at a centrally located hotel

The format of the gathering is determined by the regional gathering coordinator and the families who want to attend. Anyone can be a regional gathering coordinator. All it takes is a desire to get people together and a little bit of planning!

If a Dup15q Alliance family would like to organize a regional gathering in your area, please contact your Regional Representative to help you get started! To see a current list of gatherings, visit our calendar.