Medical Emergencies

If an affected person is experiencing a serious medical problem please call 911 and/or their physician.  If you need to speak with a member of Dup15q Alliance regarding the medical emergecy after seeking medical care please call 855-dup15qa

For families in the United States and Canada, if the affected person has passed away and you would like information on the Autism Tissue Program (ATP) regarding donations please contact the ATP at 877-333-0999 - 24 hours a day.  You may also call 855-dup15qa and we can assist you with the process.

Please use the 855-dup15qa phone number after 10:00pm EST and before 7:00am EST only for such medical emergencies. To call the United States from other countries you must first dial your country's exit code (i.e. 0011 for Australia, 00 for UK), then dial '1' (the U.S. country code), and the phone number (855-387-1572).

The Autism Tissue Program (ATP) research interests encompass neurodevelopmental disorders like dup15q and the ATP Advisory Board includes the participation of two physician members of the Dup15q Alliance Scientific Advisory Board.

The UK Brain Bank for Autism & Related Developmental Research (BBA) works closely with the ATP and it, too, supports research into dup15q. Indeed, the first donor to the BBA had dup15q syndrome. 

For families in the UK, if you would like information on the BBA and the research it supports, please visit If you want to discuss any aspect of the brain bank’s work please call the helpline on 0800 089 0707. If the affected person has passed away and the arrangements for their donation are urgent, please call 0800 089 0707 at any time - 24 hours a day.