Dup15q Alliance special events have two important purposes: increase awareness in your local area and raise money to support more opportunities for research, care opportunities, and the broad range of child and family support programs that define Dup15q Alliance’s mission. 

You can play a valuable role in advancing these two essential purposes.


See the calendar for current events.


Turn a hobby or sporting or social event into an opportunity to raise awareness and funding for Dup15q Alliance. Ideas include, but are not limited to :

  • A 5K run or walk
  • A golf tournament
  • A BBQ or cocktail party
  • A holiday party- Easter Bunny, Fourth of July, Valentine’s or other
  • A day at a professional sporting event
  • An organized trip to a zoo or children’s museum

To learn more about creating an event, who to contact at Dup15q Alliance, and tips for succeeding, visit our Host an Event page.


Nothing is more powerful in raising awareness than providing a personal testimonial about your connection to Dup15q Alliance and why you are engaged. For some, that could mean brief presentations to local service clubs like Rotary, Lions, Church or community groups.  You can find our brochure here. We would be pleased to provide coaching and guidance to support your presentation. For assistance, contact us at [email protected]



For more information or support for any of these topics, please contact us at [email protected].