Board Chair, David Gifford, joins Rare Action Network Advocacy Workshop

Board Chair, David Gifford, joins NORD's Pennsylvania Rare Action Network on February 1st for the Rare Action Network Patient Advocacy and Orphan Drug Workshop in Allentown, PA.

The mission of the Rare Action Network® (RAN) is to connect and empower a unified network of individuals and organizations with tools, training, and resources to become effective advocates for rare diseases through national and state based initiatives across the United States.

RAN is the nation’s leading rare disease advocacy network working to improve the lives of the 30 million Americans impacted by rare disease. The goal of RAN is to ensure that the rare disease community is represented and supported in all 50 states.

RAN serves as a broad spectrum of stakeholders ranging from patients, to their families, caregivers, and friends; from researchers to industry; to physicians and academia.  While working on both the national and state level, RAN filters information to help address issues of national concern and engage rare communities to take action through policy, awareness and education initiatives in their state and local communities.

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