Regional Gatherings

One of the ways Dup15q Alliance meets its mission of providing support to families is by promoting regional gatherings. These get-togethers offer families the opportunity to make new friends, renew old ties, and spend some relaxed time together with other families. It is a unique opportunity to spend time with families who completely understand the challenges and joys of raising a child with a dup15q syndrome.

Regional gatherings can take many different forms.

  • A Potluck at the home of a Dup15q Alliance family
  • A picnic and day playing at a state park
  • A weekend at a camp ground
  • A more formal meeting with professionals
  • A night spent at a centrally located hotel

The format of the gathering is determined by the regional gathering coordinator and the families who want to attend. Anyone can be a regional gathering coordinator. All it takes is a desire to get people together and a little bit of planning!

If a Dup15q Alliance family would like to organize a regional gathering in your area, please contact us to help you get started, fill in the information on the below form.

Guidelines surrounding Dup15q Alliance Finanical support for Regional Gatherings (from the Organizational By-Laws):

Dup15q Alliance supports families meeting together in regional and local gatherings to provide support and information to each other.  Dup15q Alliance will provide grants of up to $250 to any gathering of four or more Dup15q Alliance families to support the cost of food associated with these gatherings.  The following procedure will be used to make these grants:

  1. In order to apply for a regional/local gathering grant, interested families shall contact the Dup15q Alliance Executive Director and provide a short description of the gathering and the families who will be attending.  We do request that the event information is made public, prior to the event on the Dup15q Alliance website.

  2. The Dup15q Alliance Executive Director will consult with the Treasurer and will approve or deny the grant request within 3 days.

  3. At the conclusion of the event, the Dup15q Alliance family requesting the grant needs to submit receipts associated with the event to the Executive Director for reimbursement.

  4. The requesting family/Dup15q Alliance will make the Regional Representative aware of the planned event.