2016 Scientific Meeting

 Two Sides of a Coin: Deletions and Duplications on ​15q

July 28 - 29, 2016
Sheraton Silver Spring
Silver Spring, MD

Our 2016 meeting will once again be held in conjunction with Angelman Syndrome Foundation. More information will be posted here as it becomes available. We hope to see you there!

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Symposium Agenda

Thursday, July 28th

7:00 am Registration and breakfast  
8:00 am Welcoming remarks Guy Calvert
Dan Harvey
8:15 am Gene reviews: overview of dup15q syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and the critical region Stormy Chamberlain
Ron Thibert
Shafali Jeste
8:45 am Christianson Syndrome: A novel endosomal disorder related to Angelman Syndrome Eric Morrow
9:30 am coffee break  
10:00am Elevated levels of Dube3a in glia, but not neurons, drives synaptic changes and susceptibility to seizure. Kevin Hope
10:30 am Hyperexcitability in stem cell-derived neurons from Dup15q patients James Fink
11:00 am coffee break  
11:30 am Probing the mechanisms of altered cortical network dynamics in Dup15q Peyman Golshani
12:00 pm Biomarkers for clinical studies of Angelman syndrome Ben Philpot
12:30 pm lunch break  
1:30 pm A bipartite boundary element regulates tissue-specific imprinting of UBE3A Stormy Chamberlain
2:00 pm Dendritic Spine Development in Dup15q and Angelman Syndrome: Combining Experiment and Modeling Les Loew
2:30 pm Disrupted neuronal maturation in Angelman syndrome using patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells Eric Levine
3:00 pm coffee break  
3:20 pm Autism BrainNet Alycia Halliday
3:30 pm Update on dup15q mouse project Scott Dindot
4:00 pm Neuronal Forebrain Overexpression of Ube3a Isoform 2 Causes Behavioral Phenotypes Relevant to Chromosome 15q11.2-13 Duplications Jill Silverman
4:30 pm Levodopa in Angelman Syndrome – Results of a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial Wen Hann
5:00 pm end of day 1  
6:00 pm Cocktail reception for meeting participants  
8:30 pm Dup15q Physician's Advisory Board meeting  


Friday, July 29th

7:00 am breakfast  
8:00 am Cannabidiol (CDB) for Epilepsy Orrin Devinsky
8:45 am News and Views on UBE3A/E6AP and its Role in Ubiquitin Conjugation Martin Scheffner
9:30 am coffee break  
9:50 am Protein Delivery of an Artificial Transcription Factor Restores Widespread Ube3a Expression in an Angelman Syndrome Mouse Brain David Segal
10:20 am Topoisomerase 1 regulates gene expression in neurons through cleavage complex-dependent and -independent mechanisms Mark Zylka
10:50 am coffee break  
11:10 am Ionis -- ASOs Art Beaudet
11:40 pm Agilis biotherapeutics Ed Weeber
12:10 pm lunch break  
1:10 pm Behavioral and Electrophysiological Profiles of Dup15q syndrome Shafali Jeste
1:40 pm Sleep data: overview for developmental disorders generally and dup15q and Angelman in particular Ron Thibert
Shafali Jeste
2:10 pm coffee break  
2:30 pm Ovid: Towards improved outcomes in rare neurodevelopment disorders via targeted treatment Brett Abrahams
3:00 pm Are dental pulp stem cells a useful model for investigating methylome alterations in Dup15q syndrome? Janine LaSalle
3:30 pm coffee break  
4:00 pm Panel: Next steps for dup15q and Angelman research Larry Reiter, chair
5:00 pm end of symposium