Videos and Schedule of Events

Thursday, August 14 

Video links will be added as the video becomes available.

9:00 am Opening Remarks Eileen Braun, Guy Calvert, Brenda Finucane, Kadi Luchsinger  
9:10 am NIH Clinical Studies Dr. Chris Austin  
9:40 am Birdsong: A System for Analyzing How Learning-Related Genes Affect Neural Circuits and Behavior Dr. Richard Mooney Video Not Yet Available
10:40 am Making Sense and Antisenses of Ube3a in the Brain Dr. Scott Dindot Video Not Available
11:20 am Therapeutic Development in Mouse Models of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Dr. Jill Silverman View Video
1:00 pm Using Animal Models to Elucidate the Molecular Mechanisms Regulated by UBE3A and Ubiquitin Dr. Ugo Mayor View Video
1:40 pm Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Angelman Syndrome Dr. Ype Elgersma Video Not Available
2:40 pm Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Dup15q Syndrome: Can Clinical Profiles Guide Treatment Targets? Dr. Shafali Spurling Jeste View Video
3:20 pm Engaging Children to Improve Social-Communication Skills: Developmental Implications for Dup15q Dr. Connie Kasari View Video
4:20 pm Examining the Role that Modifications in the Phosphorylation of the GABAAR Beta2 Subunit Play in the Pathophysioloy of Autism Spectrum Disorders Dr. Stephen Moss View Video
5:00 pm Epilepsy in Angelman Syndrome and 15q Duplication Syndrome Dr. Ron Thibert View Video

Friday, August 15 

9:00 am Efficacy and Safety of Epidiolex (Cannabidiol) in Children and Young Adults with Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy: Preliminary Data from an Expanded Access Program Dr. Orrin Devinsky View Video  
9:40 am Significant Transcriptional Changes in 15q Duplication but not Angelman Syndrome Deletion Dental Pulp Stem Cell Derived Neurons Dr. Larry Reiter Video Not Available  
10:40 am Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Models of Angelman and Dup15q Syndrome Dr. Stormy Chamberlain View Video View Slides
11:20 am Pathophysiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Human Stem Cell Models Dr. Eric Levine Video Not Available  
1:00 pm Mechanisms of Angelman Syndrome: Insights from UBE3A Substrates Dr. Seth Margolis Video Not Available  
1:40 pm Methylome and Synaptic Gene Impacts of an Organic Pollutant in Dup15q Syndrome Dr. Janine LaSalle Video Not Available  
2:40 pm 15q11.2 BP1-BP2 Copy Number Variation Dr. Edwin Cook View Video  
3:10 pm - 4:40 pm Follow Specific Track for Angelman Syndrome Foundation or Dup15q Alliance  (See below for Dup15q Alliance schedule.)    
5:00 pm Joint Panel Discussion
Dr. Wen-Hann Tan
Dr. Ron Thibert
​Dr. Ben Philpot
​Dr. Stormy Chamberlain
Dr. Ed Cook
Dr. Shafali Jeste
Moderator: Dr. Lawrence Reiter    

Schedule for Dup15q Alliance

3:10 pm Congruent Changes in Cortical Gene Expression in Duplication 15q Syndrome and Idiopathic Autism Dr. T. Grant Belgard View Slides
3:40 pm Dendritic Spine Morphologenesis in Neurons derived from Neurotypical and Dup15q iPSCs Olena Marchenko  
4:10 pm Investigating the Neuronal Cicuitry Underlying Behaviors Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Targeted Gene Expression of UBE3A in Drosophilia Matthew Lollar