We are Dup15q Alliance and our fundraising mission is simple: encourage personal philanthropy that helps underwrite research, potential treatments, and a variety of support opportunities for affected children and their families. 

Our goal is to secure sufficient gift resources to help children with this syndrome reach their full potential, while providing assistance on many levels for those who care for them and love them dearly.

Your gift dollars make a substantial difference on a very personal level for a child and for that child’s parents and siblings. Your gift conveys compassion, support and hope for affected families. Your gift dollars finance every single outreach and program that Dup15q Alliance invests in. We depend on the generosity of our donors for 100% of our offerings. Donors are our lifeblood .

When you invest in a cause as compelling as dup15q syndrome, you want to know that your gifts are being used wisely and strategically to provide the greatest impact for the children and families affected. It is our promise to each donor that we will live up to our responsibilities to steward your gifts conscientiously and effectively.

Just four years ago, gift and grant support totaled less than $50,000 yearly. That total has increased six-fold since then and is rising, offering new opportunities in research, medical care, communication and support for literally hundreds of children and their families.

 We come to you seeking your personal investment. Your gift today will honor these precious children, each of them unique and inspiring, each of them hoping for a better tomorrow. We dream, we care, we act— because of them. Join us, please as a partner in this worthy enterprise.