2017/2018 Chromosome Q-usaders


 Chromosome Q-usaders are Dup15q Alliance members who have gone above and beyond to raise funds and awareness about Dup15q Syndrome.  Each member held an in-person fundraiser and totals raised at these fundraiser are reflected below. All of these fundraisers directly support the Dup15q Alliance's mission of encouraging personal philanthropy that helps underwrite research, offer potential treatments, and provide support to all Dup15q Alliance families. Thanks to ALL of you for fighting to give our children a better tomorrow!

Thank you for Believing and Achieving!

2017/2018 Q-usaders


 Achieve Q-usader -  raised $10,000+

Tessa Quinlan
Aiisha Sablan Ramiro
Marc and Lauren Weissberg
Colleen Lowell
Ember Burke
Shannon Rosovics
Laura Polak 
Adrienne Paradis
Tina DeLorenzo
Christine Hemingway

Dream Q-usader - raised $7,500-$9,999

Ruth Kross
Ivonne Ruiz Feterman
Christine Key Benitez

Hope Q-usader - raised $5,000-$7,499

Diane Gomez
James Borden
Lindsey Caley
Cortney Manning
Kristina Hall-Whitesell

Super Duper Q-usader - raised $2,500-$4,999

Mike Porath
Rob and Fabiana Roman
Krissa Harris
Scott and Molly Roberts
Naka King
Rachel Segars

Duper Q-usader -  raised $1,000-$2,500

Adrienne Felterman
Aivry Zamora     
Shannon Davison
Kristina Nellesson
Hallie Matzua
Rae Casha
Heather Sheldon
Laura Barteu Stark 

Advocate Q-usader - raised $500-$999

Jenn Kelly
Corrine Murphy
Alan Lundgren
Sarah Champman
Ryan Holmes
Samantha Polombaro 
Brandi Viter-Pitlik
Stefanie Lebeilly 
Carly Maderer

Doreen Gladis

Believe Q-usader - raised $250-$499

Lacey Berger
Stephanie Claxton 
Emmy Lou Allen
Heather Smith Larsen
Laura Lee Cochrane Barlow
Rob and Marian Kapp
Juanita Harper
Tiffany Ciero

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Chromosome Q-usaders founded in 2017