Cheers to Our Volunteers

Dup15q Alliance would not exist without all of our fabulous volunteers! Founded by a handful of concerned parents twenty years ago, today we have over 900 registered families. With the help of these families we've organized numerous conferences, facilitated the creation of nine dup15q clinics, advanced research into dup15q syndrome, sponsored several online support forums and held dozens of fundraising and awareness events. Family member generously give both their time and financial support to help Dup15q Alliance grow. 

So, here we cheer a few of our many volunteers! 

Thank you for all you do...

Katie Supina

Katie, a dup15q mom, spent countless hours helping to organize the 2013 Reach for the Stars Conference in Minnesota. She continues to help Dup15q Alliance, by shipping our store orders all around the world. Thank you, Katie!

Colleen Lowell

Colleen and her family recently held a hugely successful run/walk event to honor their little girl with dup15q and benefit Dup15q Alliance. They raised over $11,000! Way to go, Colleen!

Jane Kim

Jane, a neurologist and dup15q mom, helps to bridge the gap between medicine and family support. She's been instrumental in supporting the dup15q clinics and helping to revise our new website. Yeah, Jane!

Tessa Quinlan

Each fall since 2010, Tessa, a dup15q mom, and her family have organized a benefit for Dup15q Alliance. Last year's event was attended by over 400 people and raised more than $20,000 for Dup15q Alliance. Thank you, Tessa!

Todd Ebensperger

​Annually since 2011 Todd Ebenserger, a dup15q dad, and his family have hosted the KayJay 5k. This small town in Wisconsin has raised over $12,000 in the past three years for Dup15q Alliance. Awesome job, Todd!