Give Stock

Gifts of appreciated securities often have benefits not associated with gifts made by check or credit card. Those benefits can include avoidance of capital gains taxes on your stock’s increase in value since you purchased or received it and a federal income tax charitable deduction (if you itemize on your federal tax return) for the full fair market value on the date you convey that gift to Dup15q Alliance.

To gift electronically held securities

Please contact Dup15q Alliance Board at for personal assistance in making a gift of stocks or bonds. Then, contact your broker in writing with instructions to transfer (not sell) the specified stocks to Dup15q Alliance’s stock gift account, and include:

  • Your account number and signature(s) (both owners of a joint account must sign)
  • Date you wish to complete the charitable gift
  • Company name and number of shares
  • Fund designation for gift, if applicable

Transfer Instructions

Washington Asset Management
DTC #0235 (RBC/JHS Capital Advisors)
Dup15q Alliance Account #866-17381

Brokers: Brian & Brad DiJulio
Phone: (425)646-6693  (Brad)
Fax: (425)450-4065