Tributes & Memorials

Interested in supporting Dup15q Alliance and offering a tribute to an important person in your life? Honor a caregiver, family member, parent, sibling, a dear friend or another by making a gift to Dup15q Alliance in their name.

If you have recently lost a loved one, or wish to keep the name of someone important to you alive, consider making a memorial gift to Dup15q Alliance. Please contact us at if you would would like to make Dup15q Alliance the recipient of memorial donations for your loved one.

 Whether it is a tribute gift or memorial gift, please convey the name of that person by letter or note attached to your check, or complete the appropriate section on the electronic donation page. Please indicate whether your gift is a tribute gift or memorial gift. If you would like us to acknowledge your thoughtfulness to the person being honored, or to a family member, please provide a name and address for that person and we will communicate this special news. Dup15q Alliance will list the names of donors of tribute and memorial gifts, and the names being honored, in its yearly electronic Report of Donors.

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