Gifts at Work

Dup15q Alliance exists to provide support, awareness, research and targeted treatments for chromosome 15q11.2-13.1 duplication syndrome. We put your gifts to work to directly assist children and their families affected by this syndrome, as we work to develop a better tomorrow for our children and all who care for their well-being. Your gift dollars are focused in three major ways:

Scientific Research

We work with researchers to connect our families with research opportunities and expand biomedical research into chromosome 15q duplications. Your gifts support direct research, including the creation of mouse model.

Your gift investments support international research meeting on chromosome 15q duplications with a clear ambition that one day, targeted and effective treatments will be a reality.

Individual and Community Support

Your gifts underwrite a quarterly newsletter (The Mirror), which is distributed both electronically and in printed version.

Your gifts make possible regional gatherings for families to network, share resources and support each other.

Your gifts help make possible the biennial International Dup15q Conference that provides families with an opportunity to meet and learn about scientific and treatment advances.

Your gifts underwrite the Dup15q Alliance website:

Your gifts finance Dup15q Alliance's social networking: Big Tent, Facebook, and Twitter.

Your gifts help our Parent Match program, connecting parents seeking support with parent mentors who can offer emotional understanding and assistance. 

Medical and related opportunities

Your gifts encourage and promote a network of dup15q clinics in 9 cities throughout the United States.

Your gifts fund the Dup15q Alliance International Registry, providing an anonymous never-before-seen look into the lives of those with chromosome 15q duplications.


With minimal overhead and a commitment by the Dup15q Alliance Board of Directors to utilize gift dollars for maximum impact , your philanthropy touches the lives of hundreds of people on a daily basis. 

We aspire to do and accomplish even more. Dup 15q Alliance is a registered 501(c) 3 non- profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Alliance’s tax identification number is: 20-0751232.