June 13, 2016
2016 Vol. 2: Celebrating Our Clinics

Celebrating Our Clinics by Nicole Cleary
Family Voices: Dup15q Clinic Experiences by Lisa Feehery, Colleen Lowell, and Teana Ebensperger
Meet a Dup15q Clinic Coordinator by Jennifer Young
Caravan to the Clinics by Kim Maring
Let's Get Together
Cheers to our Volunteers
Did you know?: Fundraising Facts
Family Portrait: He surprises us every day... by Robert and Adrienne Paradis
If I could write a letter... by Eileen Flood O'Connor
Nonsolo15 European Meeting by Alison Kalnicki

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October 1, 2015
2015 Vol. 3: We are Stronger Together

We are Stronger Together by Alison Kalnicki
2015 Annual Dup15q Scientific Meeting by Guy Calvert
Dup15q Alliance Funds Research by Carolyn Schanen
Cheers to Our Volunteers - Conference Volunteers
Photos from the Family Conference
Dup15q Alliance Financial Report by Tom Doyle
List of Board Members and Advisory Board
Reflections from a Sibling: Chas Karch
Family Portrait: I Had No Idea by Robert Swirsky
Reflections from a Grandparent: Our New Ohana by Cris Meria
New Store Items

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May 12, 2015
2015 Vol. 2: Promoting Independence

Promoting Independence by Nicole Cleary
Promoting Independence in the Young Child by Cynthia Mininni
Promoting Independence for Those Impacted by Dup15q by Therese Fimian
Independence: Family Stories by Ann Tiplady, Adelle Madison and Michelle Beres
​Stronger Together: 2015 Conference Research Opportunities
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Linda Meagher
Reflections from Siblings: Katy has brought so much joy to my life by Lauren & Greta Jo Bussian
Reflections from a Grandparent: What got me was the first time she said Nana by Sherrill Beaudoin
​A Very Special Boy by Alicon Johnson
Links of Love fundraiser
Dates to Remember

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January 30, 2015
2015 Vol. 1: This is Your Conference

Stronger Together: This is Your Conference by Alison Kalnicki
​Hot Conference Topics
Conference Who's Who: Your Conference Presenters
Conference Research Passport: Research Opportunities at the Conference by Kadi Luchsinger
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Sandy James
Dup15q Syndrome Research Update
Reflections from a Grandparent: Ella Rearranges My Life by Geraldine Puttick
​Reflections from Siblings: She Always Shows People She Loves Them by Kelley and Lucas Mullen
Family Portrait: Arielle's Story by Angelic Yao
Upcoming Meetings and Announcements

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September 22, 2014
2014 Vol. 3: Learning Together

Learning Together by Nicole Cleary
Science Meeting: Two Sides of a Coin by Guy Calvert & Jane Kim
Dup15q Clinics Meeting Report by Jane Kim
The Alliance Board Welcomes Adrienne Campolmi
Dup15q Alliance Board Report by Paul Karch
​Cheers to Our Volunteers: Dana Tilton
​The Reasons We Smile by Collin Kobuszewski
Family Portrait: A Moment to Remember by Ed & Mary Ellen Gibbons
Reflections from a Sibling: Cathal Fills Your Heart with So Much Love by Emma O'Reilly
​Reflections from Grandparents: She Has a Winsome Way of Relating to People by Margery & David DeVilder
Upcoming Meetings and Announcements

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June 2, 2014
2014 Vol. 2: The Dads of Dup15q

The Dads of Dup15q by Nicole Cleary
The ACE in Her Life by Paul Rivard
​Seattle Race
Father's Voices by Richie Bopp, Tim Cleary, Fernando Gomez, and Ron Bruce
Dup15q Alliance Clinics and Registry: Two Databases, One Goal by Jane Kim and Rylie McHam
New Website by Kim Maring
Family Portrait: A Dad's Encouragements by Richie Baker
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Sarah & Chad Torrance
Reflections from Siblings: A Huge Impact on My Life by Dylan Ritter
Reflections from a Grandfather: We Marvel at the Progress by Bob Peterson
Upcoming Meetings and Announcements

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April 7, 2013
Spring 2013: Rare Disorders without Borders

Dup15q is One of Many Rare Disorders Without Borders by Nicole Cleary
Introducing Associacion Idic15 by Miguel Angel Orquin Gonzalez and Fernando Gomez
From Italy: Beginning the School Journey by Francesco Jannon
​Wear Blue for Dup15q on Rare Disease Day Photos
Dup15q Registry: A Half Hour for our Children by Stephanie Barmann
​Financial Report by Tom Doyle
Book Review: Don't call me Honey! Call me Cherry Pie by Alison Kalnicki
​Dup15q Alliance Participates in Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) Institute by Kadi Luchsinger
Cheers to Our Volunteers: The Supina Family
Raising Awareness: A College Story by Tina Delorenzo
Hosting an Annual Fundraiser by Tessa Quinlan
​Los Angeles and New York Dup15q Clinics Open 
Family Portrait: Our Life with Vega by Pietro and Cizia
​Reflections from a Sibling: Eyes Full of Love by Alison Orton
Reflections from a Grandmother: Peanut is Our Sweet Baby Girl by Dee LaRocco

(Spain, international, Spanish, Luca, seizures, E.C. Knox, school, GQ, Gavin, Shafali Spurling Jeste, Heather Lau, Mikaela)

January 6, 2014
2014 Vol. 1: Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years by Kadi Luchsinger
Financial Update: Investing in the Next 20 Years by Tom Doyle
What's in a Name by Guy Calvert
20 Years of Family Support by Donna Bennett, Joanne & Len Poore, Deb & Bruce Lindgren, Patti & John Rubel, Sheryl Kaminer, Jeanine & Bill Rossbach, and Margaret Kelliher Gibson
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Traci Ward, Paint the Town Blue
Family Portrait: An Exciting Time is in Your Immediate Future by Rod and Lanae
​A Visit to the New Seattle Clinic by Colleen Lowell
Reflections from Siblings: Living with Andrew by Geoff Keller
Reflections from Grandparents: A Special Grandchild by Sue and Tom Thibedeau

​(anniversary events, chromosome 15q11.2-13.1 duplication syndrome, 15q13.3, 15q11.2, microduplications, mission, fundraising, history, 5k, fundraiser, Alabama, Swedish Medical Center, Ryan Supina, Andrew)

February 26, 2013
Winter 2013: 2013 Reach for the Stars Conference Preview

Reach for the Stars 2013 Dup15q Conference in Minnesota by Karen Sales
What to Expect at the Conference by Deb and Bruce Lindgren
​Conference Speakers - Chantal Sicile-Kira, Sheila Merzer, David S. Geslak by Karen Sales
Dup15q Clinic Opens Second Site in Florida by Kadi Luchsinger
​Board of Director's Update and Financial Report by Tom Doyle
Scientific Conference Videos Online
Two New Members of Professional Advisory Board
Save Those Teeth
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Len Poore
​Please Provide Samples and Consent for Research by N. Carolyn Schanen
Fundraising Events: Second Annual KayJay, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Benefit, Sophie's Challenge and Cocktail Party Fundraiser
Family Portrait: Agility Ability Canine Therapy by Connie Will
Reflections from a Sibling: My Sister Allison by Michael Gomez
Reflections from a Grandmother: Our Family's Precious Gift by Judy Thomas

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November 5, 2012
Fall 2012: Transitions

Transitions From the Editor by Jean House
Scientific Meeting Update by Guy Calvert
Registry Update by Nicole Cleary
Summer Regional Gathering Photos
Financial Report by Tom Doyle
Annual Board Meeting Report by Kadi Luchsinger
Corporate Offices and Board Members
Asociacion IDIC15 Holds First Family Gathering by Fernando Gomez
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Greg Keller
Family Portrait: Beyond High School by Melanie O'Neill
A Lifetime of Transitions by Coco M. D'Ascola
​Reflections from a Grandmother: My Story of Kaylor by Vivian Rojas
Reflections from a Sibling: My Brother Luca by Lorenzo Jannon
2013 Conference Raffle Donations by Katie Supina

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