February 28, 2010
Winter 2010: Creating Circles of Support

Creating Circles of Support by Jane True
Building Social Connections fro Loved Ones with Dup15q by Nicole Cleary
A Sibling Drama: Informing the Friends by Ben Davis
Establishing a Circle of Friends by Sheryl Kaminer
Beyond Babysitters: Finding Committed Companions
Family Portrait: Finn Oskar Peterson by Andy Peterson
Volunteer of the Quarter: Rachel Segars
IDEAS 3 Year Strategic Plan

(fundraising, child care, support)

November 17, 2009
Fall 2009: Getting Through the Holidays

Celebrating Holidays with Dup15q by Jane True
Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties with Dup15q Kids by Erin McHam
​Gift Ideas for Your Child by Jean House
Sibling Family Portrait: Anna by Elina Miller
Italian Dup15q Regional Gathering by Lorenzo Cerutti
Killington Race Report by Sarah Rasmussen

(Vermont, fundraising, conference, parenting)


September 5, 2009
Summer 2009: Conference Wrap Up

Conference Wrap-Up by Jane True
Research Roundtable Summary by Nicole Cleary
Eating for Autism by Jean House
Conference First Timers by Susan Stokes, Tina Mueller and Ember Burke
Family Portrait: Rohan by Rekha Neilson
Conference Photos



April 30, 2009
Spring 2009: Growth of IDEAS

Growth of IDEAS by Jane True
Understanding the Range of (Dis)Ability in Dup15q - Aston, Anna, Marlena, Jacob, Chad, Marcel
Expanded Leadership for IDEAS - Rachel Doucette, Michelle Hughes, Tom Doyle, Cindy Johnson
BigTent Online Community
Reflections from a Sibling: A Sibling's Perspective by Rebekah Taylor
Check It Out: IDIC-15 Map on Google!
Family Portrait: Annabel by Mike Porath
​Sensory Friendly Screening by Susan Atkinson
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Erleine Spicknell
​Happy Birthday
2009 Fundraising Goals

(closing yahoogroup, new board members, changes, Olivia, movies, theaters, grandmother)

March 4, 2009
Winter 2009: Full Steam Ahead - 2009 IDEAS Conference

5th International Conference in Indianapolis by Jane True
Previewing the Research News Available at the 2009 Conference by Dr. Ed Cook and Dr. Carolyn Schanen
​New Research Study on Seizure in Dup15q Coming Soon...
IDEAS Proudly Premieres: Slow Children Playing by Anna-Marie Bushlack
Nutrition Makes a Difference by Elizabeth Strickland
Celebrating Michael by Charlie Brady
2009 Fundraising Goal
Reflections from a Sibling: Growing Up with Christopher by Gabriele O'Connor
Winter May Be Fading...
Reflections from the Listserve: Code Name: Big Tent by Rachel Doucette
​2009 Conference Raffle
Family Portrait: Through a Grandfather's Eyes by Tom Doyle
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Greg Stein, Danielle Wagner and Jodi Miller
"Say Cheese" - Collecting Photos for Conference
Save These Dates! NJ Regional Meeting, 4th Annual IDIC 15 5k Run/Walk in VT
Happy Birthday

​(clinical studies, Larry Reiter, molecular/cytogenic studies, neurobiology, Ted Brown, Janine LaSalle, Ron Thibert, food, diet, play, memorial, memorium, in memory, skiing, Grace Lowell, pictures)

November 25, 2008
Fall 2008: The IDEAS Community

The IDEAS Community at Work and Play Around the World by Jane True
IDEAS Attends 2008 American Society for Human Genetics Meeting by Nicole Cleary
A Dup15q Party in the Park by Pamela Taylor
Food for Thought: A Parent Poses a Question on Nutrition in the Individual with Dup15q by Dr. Jim True
Conference: Funding Ideas for Families
2008 Fundrasing Goal
Reflections from a Sibling: Being a Sister to Chromosome 15 by Sierra Cleary
3rd Annual IDIC15 Run/Walk Killington, Vermont by Len Poore
Holidays Through IDIC15 Eyes
In Loving Memory of our Dear Will
Family Portrait: Life with Stewart (a work in progress) by Joan Lammas
Raffle for 2009 Conference
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Colleen Lowell
Fundraising Ideas: Shaws or Star Market and Yankee Swap
Happy Birthday

(gluten, diet, fundraiser, Corrina, memorial, Parent Match)

August 29, 2008
Summer 2008: Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion by Jane True
Ally's Social Stories by Lynda Kymball
Fifteen Birthdays by Vicki Miller
Family Portrait: Nick's Story by Jayshree Vogel
Reflections from a Sibling: Slow Down by Jane True and Anna Marie Bushlack
​Reflections from the Listserve: Community Inclusion
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Tina Delorenzo and Calvin Kraus


May 21, 2008
Spring 2008: Facing Our Fears

Facing Our Fears by Jane True
Living with Fears by Nicole Cleary
Reflections from Siblings: Katy by Lauren and Greta Bussian
​Cheers to Our Volunteers: Len and Joanne Poore by N. Carolyn Schanen
​Family Portrait: Matters of the Heart by Steve Dibiasio


March 10, 2008
Winter 2008: Residential Services

Taking Flight and Leaving Home for the First time by Doreen Gladis
​Spreading Wings by Diane Creeley
How Clare Went to College by Jane True
The Right Fit for Joshua by Donna Bennett
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Terri Powers
Behind the Scenes: Parent Match, Regional Gatherings, Fundraising, IDEAS Website
Family Portraits: Jack Rasmussen and Gonna be OK by Sarah Rasmussen and Jesse Leo
Understanding SUDEP in Dup15q
Reflections of a Sibling: A Journey into Chase's World by Jenna Gosa

(residential services, independence, transition, adulthood, school, sudden death)

October 29, 2007
Fall 2007: The Pro-Active Parent

The Pro-Active Parent by Jane True
Designing a School Environment for the Teenager by Fedelma O'Farell
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Will Sales
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Buffie Guetersloh
Combining Reserach and Vacation by Kadi Luchsinger
Sunlight in Vermont by Len Poore
10 Ways to Take Charge: How a Parent Can Advocate for their Child by Allison Kalnicki
Fathering Grace by Jeff Lowell
Best Friend Ever by Greg Glosan
Proactive Environmental Design by Mari O'Connor

(advocacy, Ireland, special education, Montessori, occupational therapy, Department of Education, notecard, infantile spasms, ACTH, seizures, Carbatrol, horse riding, Prosperity Place, suit, neurological evaluation, EEG, Larry Reiter, Killington, Sarah Rasmussen, 5k run/walk, BELIEVE bracelets, Daniel Tontoros, bedroom, plexiglass, locks, outlet covers, stove)