November 2, 2004
Autumn 2004: Family Support - The Cornerstone of our Mission

Family Support: The Cornerstone of Our Mission by Nicole Cleary
2004 Labor Day Regional Family Meetings by Paula Davis, Nicole Cleary & Christian Reiter
Announcing IDEAS Parent Match by Kadi Luchsinger
2005 Conference Preview by Jane True
Finding Help with Conference Expenses by Whitney Wolanski
​IDEAS Sets Conference Fundraising Goal by Ron Bruce
Family Portraits: Jack Rasmussen by Sarah Rasmussen
Family Portraits: Pavel Gladis by Doreen and Tom Gladis
Calling All Shutterbugs: Jane True

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August 1, 2004
Summer 2004: Educating Children with Chromosome 15 Duplications

IDEAS Board Chair Update by Nicole Cleary
Johanna's Gifts by Barbara Haas-Givler
​What are the top 10 things that helped your child thrive in his/her first year? by Kathy Marino
Early Intervention Tips by Kadi Luchsinger
Early Intervention Experience by Heather Bruce
Julia's 1st Grade Inclusion Experience by Kathy Wise
Corrina's 1st Grade Contained Classroom Experience by Nicole Cleary
Family Story by Laurie and Charles Brady
Family Story: The Changing Life of Clare by Jane True
What is GABA? by Diane Chugani, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Radiology at Wayne State University, Children's Hospital of Michigan
Meeting of European Families Raising Children with Idic(15) by Christian Reiter
3rd International Conference on Isodicentric 15 by Jane True

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April 13, 2004
Spring 2004: Celebrating 10 Years of IDEAS

IDEAS Board Chair Update by Nicole Cleary
Research Update by Brenda Finucane
Molecular Investigations of Duplications of Chromosome 15 in Autism Research by Carolyn Schanen, MD, PhD
Fundraing Update by Lori George
Duke University: Exploring Autism Website
Board's Corner by Nicole Cleary
Research Study by Diane Chugani, PhD, Wayne State University and Children's Hospital of Michigan
Inaugural World Congress on Chromosome Abnormalities
MIND Institute Newsletter
Marlena's Sotry by Ruth Cross

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April 5, 2003
Spring 2003: 2nd International Conference on IsoDicentric 15 and Related Disorders

Smile Story Update by Donna Bennett, Nicole Cleary and Kathy Wise
IDEAS Research Committee Update by Brian Gazewood
​The Power of IDEAS by Paul Rivard
Put the Fun in Fundraising by Heather Bruce
Family Portrait: Adam's Story by Patti Rubel
IDEAS Fundraising Efforts by Paul Rivard
​Board's Corner
Evidence Builds for an Autism Gene in Chromosome Region 15q11q13
​Sibling's Corner: A Brother Speaks by Robb Lindgren
Happy Birthday!
What's in a Name? (from UNIQUE)

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March 4, 2003
Winter 2003: 2003 IDEAS Conference

2003 IDEAS Conference by the Planning Committee (Vicki Miller, Donna Bennett, Heather Bruce, Nicole Cleary, Brenda Finucane, Patti Rubel, Jane True)
IDEAS: Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going by Nicole Cleary
Fundraising: A Grassroots Effort by Paul Rivard
Corrina's Happy Saturday by Tim Cleary
Board's Corner
Husband & Wife Team Raise Money and Awareness for Daughter's Genetic Disorder

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September 20, 2002
Summer/Fall 2002

IDEAS Board of Directors by Nicole Iseli
UNIQUE Family Day Out by Marion Mitchell
Anna's Story by Heather Bruce
Joshua's Story by Sophia Dentiste
​Chicago Family Meeting by Jodi Miller
Nemours-UCLA IDIC(15) Project Update by Carolyn Schanen

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September 24, 2000
Summer/Fall 2000

First International Conference Agenda
Megan's Story by Paul Rivard
​Naomi by Kat Amundsen
Robert by Marion & Steve Mitchell
Kevin by Nancy Chamberlain
Olivia by Pamela Taylor
Julia's Story by Kathy Wise

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April 17, 2000
Spring 2000

Communication in People with IsoDicentric by Nicole Iseli (Cleary)
Seizure Recognition and First Aid by Epilepsy Foundation
Family Portrait: Cheyenne Jackson by Erica Jackson
News Page by Brenda Finucane & Donna Bennett
Virginia Considers Special Proposal Brought by IDEAS Mom by Patti Rubel
​A Parent's Perspective by Diane Creeley
Skiing with Style by Bob Wiederwax
IDIC15 Smiles by Nicole Iseli (Cleary)

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March 1, 2000
Winter 2000

Results of Secretin Therapy by Elliott Simon, PhD
​Family Portrait: Cheyenne Doxtator by Ellen Doxtator
News Page by Brenda Finucane & Donna Bennett
You Oughta Be in Pictures by Paul Rivard
Muisc Found to Improve Acquisition of Language in Children with Autism by Autism Research Review International website

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September 1, 1999
Summer 1999

The Autism-Secretin Connection by Elliot Simon, PhD
​In Sympathy by Jodie Kopala
​Family Portrait: Frederique Davidson by Catherine Jerrold and Jerrold Davidson
News Page by Donna Bennett and Brenda Finucane
​Could Secretin Hold the Secret to Austism? by Bernard Rimland
​Record Keeping/Medical Records Note by Parent Network Bulletin
Parents' Resource Page by Brenda Finucane

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