August 1, 2004
Summer 2004: Educating Children with Chromosome 15 Duplications

IDEAS Board Chair Update by Nicole Cleary
Johanna's Gifts by Barbara Haas-Givler
​What are the top 10 things that helped your child thrive in his/her first year? by Kathy Marino
Early Intervention Tips by Kadi Luchsinger
Early Intervention Experience by Heather Bruce
Julia's 1st Grade Inclusion Experience by Kathy Wise
Corrina's 1st Grade Contained Classroom Experience by Nicole Cleary
Family Story by Laurie and Charles Brady
Family Story: The Changing Life of Clare by Jane True
What is GABA? by Diane Chugani, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Radiology at Wayne State University, Children's Hospital of Michigan
Meeting of European Families Raising Children with Idic(15) by Christian Reiter
3rd International Conference on Isodicentric 15 by Jane True

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