October 13, 2005
Autumn 2005: Conference Perspectives

2005 Conference Perspectives by Jane True
A First-Time Attendee by Karen Sales
A Grandmother by Brenda "Mamma" Mackay
Through a Sister's Eyes by Sarah Miller
An Outsider Looking In by Laura Cashmore
​A Volunteer's by Danielle Wagner
IDEAS Research Roundtable Explores Links Between Idic(15) and Seizures - Nicole Cleary, MSS
​Families Increase Research Opportunities for Chromosome 15q Duplications
Announcing: The Sunshine Committee, A New Opportunity to be Involved with IDEAS & Our Wonderful Children by Ruth Kross
Cheyenne by Ellen Doxtator

​(family, sibling, sensitivity training, Brenda Finucane, Carolyn Schanen, GABA, Martin J. Gallagher, Diane Chugani, Art Beaudet, Timothy DeLorey, mouse model, brain donation, Beth Malow, insomnia, Coriell, tissue and cell banks, Tina Sellers, birthday, cards, family portrait)