February 23, 2005
Winter 2005: Growing Up Together - The 2005 Conference & Research Meeting

Growing Up Together: 2005 Family Conference & Research Meeting by Nicole Cleary
Understanding Sensory Processing Disorders by Debra J. Denniger
A Vision of Hope by Mary Anne Ehlert
What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication? by Jill E. Senner
Opportunity to Expand Research on Chromosome 15q Duplications by N. Carolyn Schanen
Medical Options for Challenging Behaviors by Edwin H. Cook
On the Move: Strategies for Coping with High Activity Levels by Angela Searcy
Working with Soma: Spencer's Story by Teri
Sound Therapy: What Is It? by Dorinne S. Davis-Kaulgin
​Family Portraits: Fabio by Christinee

(therapy, integration, Protected Tomorrows, financial planning, ACC, cell repository, Coriell, behaviors, treatment, high activity, ADHD, rapid prompting method, RPM, Italy, hearing, sensitivity)