July 31, 2005
Summer 2005: Promoting Independence

Promoting Independence by Nicole Cleary
With My Own Spoon: Learning to Eat Independently by Paul and Dawn Rivard
Toilet Training: A Big Step on the Road to Independence by Tom and Sharon Maser
She Wants to Be a Mommy When She Grows Up by Michelle Hokenson
Johanna's Gifts by Diane Creeley
​Creating Our Own Adult Services: Chad's Story by Bruce and Deb Lindgren
​Written Records by Jane True
There's No Place Like Home - Or Is There? by Brenda Finucane
Understanding the Choices for Independent Living by Hazel Yelverton
Family Portraits: Liz Reiter by Christian Reiter and Anette Rohr

(parenting, adulthood, eating, therapy, independence, toileting, sexual maturity, schools, transition, employment, medical, caregiver, routines, residential services, support, Germany)