October 29, 2007
Fall 2007: The Pro-Active Parent

The Pro-Active Parent by Jane True
Designing a School Environment for the Teenager by Fedelma O'Farell
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Will Sales
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Buffie Guetersloh
Combining Reserach and Vacation by Kadi Luchsinger
Sunlight in Vermont by Len Poore
10 Ways to Take Charge: How a Parent Can Advocate for their Child by Allison Kalnicki
Fathering Grace by Jeff Lowell
Best Friend Ever by Greg Glosan
Proactive Environmental Design by Mari O'Connor

(advocacy, Ireland, special education, Montessori, occupational therapy, Department of Education, notecard, infantile spasms, ACTH, seizures, Carbatrol, horse riding, Prosperity Place, suit, neurological evaluation, EEG, Larry Reiter, Killington, Sarah Rasmussen, 5k run/walk, BELIEVE bracelets, Daniel Tontoros, bedroom, plexiglass, locks, outlet covers, stove)