March 4, 2009
Winter 2009: Full Steam Ahead - 2009 IDEAS Conference

5th International Conference in Indianapolis by Jane True
Previewing the Research News Available at the 2009 Conference by Dr. Ed Cook and Dr. Carolyn Schanen
​New Research Study on Seizure in Dup15q Coming Soon...
IDEAS Proudly Premieres: Slow Children Playing by Anna-Marie Bushlack
Nutrition Makes a Difference by Elizabeth Strickland
Celebrating Michael by Charlie Brady
2009 Fundraising Goal
Reflections from a Sibling: Growing Up with Christopher by Gabriele O'Connor
Winter May Be Fading...
Reflections from the Listserve: Code Name: Big Tent by Rachel Doucette
​2009 Conference Raffle
Family Portrait: Through a Grandfather's Eyes by Tom Doyle
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Greg Stein, Danielle Wagner and Jodi Miller
"Say Cheese" - Collecting Photos for Conference
Save These Dates! NJ Regional Meeting, 4th Annual IDIC 15 5k Run/Walk in VT
Happy Birthday

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