April 30, 2009
Spring 2009: Growth of IDEAS

Growth of IDEAS by Jane True
Understanding the Range of (Dis)Ability in Dup15q - Aston, Anna, Marlena, Jacob, Chad, Marcel
Expanded Leadership for IDEAS - Rachel Doucette, Michelle Hughes, Tom Doyle, Cindy Johnson
BigTent Online Community
Reflections from a Sibling: A Sibling's Perspective by Rebekah Taylor
Check It Out: IDIC-15 Map on Google!
Family Portrait: Annabel by Mike Porath
​Sensory Friendly Screening by Susan Atkinson
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Erleine Spicknell
​Happy Birthday
2009 Fundraising Goals

(closing yahoogroup, new board members, changes, Olivia, movies, theaters, grandmother)