November 5, 2012
Fall 2012: Transitions

Transitions From the Editor by Jean House
Scientific Meeting Update by Guy Calvert
Registry Update by Nicole Cleary
Summer Regional Gathering Photos
Financial Report by Tom Doyle
Annual Board Meeting Report by Kadi Luchsinger
Corporate Offices and Board Members
Asociacion IDIC15 Holds First Family Gathering by Fernando Gomez
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Greg Keller
Family Portrait: Beyond High School by Melanie O'Neill
A Lifetime of Transitions by Coco M. D'Ascola
​Reflections from a Grandmother: My Story of Kaylor by Vivian Rojas
Reflections from a Sibling: My Brother Luca by Lorenzo Jannon
2013 Conference Raffle Donations by Katie Supina

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