June 4, 2012
Spring 2012: New Beginnings

From the Editor by Jean House
Dup15q Registry Off to a Good Start by Nicole Cleary
Patient Number One at the Dup15q Clinic by Karen Sales
The New Fundraising Incentive Program by Mike Porath
Financial Report: End of Fiscal Year by Tom Doyle
Organizing a Fundraising Team by Tessa and Mike Quinlan
‚ÄčAnnouncements: Store and Company Match
2011 Meeting in Italy by Lorenzo Cerutti
Serving Spanish Speaking Families by Fernando Gomez
Announcing Regional Representatives by Rylie McHam
In Memoriam: Sam O'Donovan
‚ÄčOur First Benefit Rock Concert by Nancy Barnett
Cheers to Our Volunteers: Nelson Barnett

(Ron Thibert, William, Massachusetts General Hospital, conference registration, donations, Asociacion IDIC 15, memory, memorial, Roland, Plugged-In)