April 7, 2013
Spring 2013: Rare Disorders without Borders

Dup15q is One of Many Rare Disorders Without Borders by Nicole Cleary
Introducing Associacion Idic15 by Miguel Angel Orquin Gonzalez and Fernando Gomez
From Italy: Beginning the School Journey by Francesco Jannon
​Wear Blue for Dup15q on Rare Disease Day Photos
Dup15q Registry: A Half Hour for our Children by Stephanie Barmann
​Financial Report by Tom Doyle
Book Review: Don't call me Honey! Call me Cherry Pie by Alison Kalnicki
​Dup15q Alliance Participates in Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) Institute by Kadi Luchsinger
Cheers to Our Volunteers: The Supina Family
Raising Awareness: A College Story by Tina Delorenzo
Hosting an Annual Fundraiser by Tessa Quinlan
​Los Angeles and New York Dup15q Clinics Open 
Family Portrait: Our Life with Vega by Pietro and Cizia
​Reflections from a Sibling: Eyes Full of Love by Alison Orton
Reflections from a Grandmother: Peanut is Our Sweet Baby Girl by Dee LaRocco

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