Seeking Parents and Professionals for Interviews

Seeking Parents and Professionals for Interviews about a new Clinical Trial Decision Support Tool for Pediatric Trials

RTI International, a non-profit research organization, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, is seeking input on a newly developed tool to help support parents as they consider pediatric clinical trial participation. 

  • Who is eligible?​​​

Parents who have a child(ren) with a diagnosed health condition or developmental disorder. No trial experience is needed. Parents can have a child participating in a trial, or a child who has participated in a trial in the past, or a child who has never have participated in a trial. All of these experiences are useful to the study.

Healthcare providers, clinical trialists, and clinical trial managers and coordinators who have at least three experiences of working with a parent or guardian to consult or consent for pediatric clinical trials

Advocates or professionals from relevant organizations (such as disorder-focused advocacy organizations) who have at least three experiences of working with a parent or guardian to educate and consult regarding the parent’s decision to enroll a child in pediatric clinical trials 

What will I be asked to do?

Eligible parents will be provided with a link to the draft digital tool and will share their thoughts and advice during an approximately 60-minute interview.

Eligible professionals will spend approximately 20 minutes exploring the tool on their own, and then will participate in an approximately 40 minute interview.

Participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card after finishing the interview. 

Where will the interviews take place?

  • All interviews will take place remotely via phone and using a web-based computer screen sharing platform.

When will the interviews take place?

Interviews will take place in the summer months of 2019.

Why are researchers doing the interviews?

Researchers would like input from parents and professionals to help inform the development of the tool.

How do I get involved?

Contact Rebecca Moultrie at or (919) 541-6696 if you are interested in participating in an interview and/or would like further information about the study. Following a brief conversation to ensure eligibility, you will be scheduled for an interview at time at your convenience within the above timeframe.