Dup15q Alliance Fellowship Program

Dup15q Alliance Pre- and Postdoctoral Training & Medical Student Gap Year Research Training Awards

Dup15q Alliance's Pre- and Postdoctoral Training Award is for graduate students, medical students and postdoctoral fellows interested in pursuing careers in basic and clinical research relevant to dup15q syndrome. The proposed training must be scientifically linked to this disorder, in one of two tracks.

 Track 1: Clinical/Human Subjects Research

Dup15q Alliance will consider for Track 1 proposals all areas of clincal/human subjects research related specifically to dup15q syndrome.  This can include but is not limited to seizure disorders, autism or behavior disorders human behavior across the lifespan (language, learning, behavior, communication, social function, motor skills & planning, epilepsy, sleep, repetitive disorders), neurobiology (anatomy, development, neuroimaging), pharmacology or neuropathology.

Track 1 proposals should include data collection directly from dup15q syndrome patients/patient families in person or via questionnaire.

Track 2: Basic Research

Dup15q Alliance will consider for Track 2 proposal all areas of basic research related to dup15q syndrome including, but not limited to: genetics, epigenetics, genomics, epigenomics, immunology, molecular and cellular mechanisms, studies employing model organisms and systems, and studies of treatment and service delivery.


Questions may be sent to us at [email protected].