Published articles related to dup15q syndrome

October 5, 2011
Increased gene dosage of Ube3a results in autism traits and decreased glutamate synaptic transmission in mice

Smith SE, Zhou YD, Zhang G, Jin Z, Stoppel DC, Anderson MP

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October 1, 2011
Neuron-specific impairment of inter-chromosomal pairing and transcription in a novel model of human 15q-duplication syndrome

Meguro-Horike M, Yasui DH, Powell W, Schroeder DI, Oshimura M, Lasalle JMHorike S

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November 15, 2010
The behavioral phenotype of the idic(15) syndrome

Battaglia A1Parrini B, Tancredi R.

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May 1, 2010
The comorbidity of autism with the genomic disorders of chromosome 15q11.2-q13

Hogart A, Wu D, LaSalle JMSchanen NC

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March 5, 2010
A longitudinal follow-up study of autistic symptoms in children and adults with duplications of 15q11-13

Simon EWHaas-Givler B, Finucane B

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December 1, 2009
Autistic disorder associated with a paternally derived unbalanced translocation leading to duplication of chromosome 15pter-q13.2: a case report

David J Wu, Nicholas J Wang, Jennette Driscoll, Naghmeh DorraniDahai Liu,Marian Sigman, and N Carolyn Schanen

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February 1, 2009
Chromosome 15q11-13 duplication syndrome brain reveals epigenetic alterations in gene expression not predicted from copy number

Hogart A, Leung KN, Wang NJ, Wu DJ, Driscoll J, Vallero RO, Schanen NC, LaSalle JM

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November 19, 2008
The inv dup (15) or idic (15) syndrome (Tetrasomy 15q)

Battaglia A.

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January 4, 2008
Multiple forms of atypical rearrangements generating supernumerary derivative chromosome 15

Wang NJ, Parokonny AS, Thatcher KN, Driscoll J, Malone BM, Dorrani N, Sigman M, LaSalle JMSchanen NC

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April 1, 2006
Inv dup (15): is the electroclinical phenotype helpful for this challenging clinical diagnosis?

Valente KDFreitas A, Fridman C, Varela M, Silva AE, Fett AC, Koiffmann CP

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