Logo Policy

The trademarks, logos, and service marks (“Marks”) displayed on this website, and related websites belonging to Dup15q Alliance, including the Dup15q Alliance logo, among others, are trademarks of Dup15q Alliance, are the property of Dup15q Alliance, and are protected. Their uses are restricted to those programs and events sponsored by Dup15q Alliance, and Dup15q Alliance trademarks may not be used for personal financial gain. Use of the Marks is prohibited without the express written consent of Dup15q Alliance. Nothing contained on this site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use the Marks without the express written consent of Dup15q Alliance.

At times, Dup15q Alliance may grant limited-use licensing agreements to those individuals or groups who wish to help further the mission of Dup15q Alliance. Solely at the discretion of Dup15q Alliance, limited permission for use of Dup15q Alliance’s Marks may be granted for those projects which provide a substantial benefit to Dup15q Alliance or the chromosome 15q duplication syndrome community in general. For consideration, please submit, in writing, a letter of intent, which details how the Dup15q Alliance’s Marks will be used, the length of time they will be used, and the benefit of the project to Dup15q Alliance or the chromosome 15q duplication syndrome community to info@dup15q.org at least 45 days prior to launch. Letters of intent may also be sent to: Dup15q Alliance, PO Box 1669, Highland Park, IL 60035.

Use of Dup15q Alliance Name & Logo in Family Fundraisers

Dup15q Alliance supports families wishing to promote awareness and understanding of dup15q syndrome within their local communities. Dup15q Alliance will provide educational materials and, in certain instances, store items for fundraisers where 100% of the proceeds benefit the organization. These items along with the Dup15q Alliance logo will not be available for fundraisers with less than 100% benefiting the Alliance. 

To request assistance from Dup15q Alliance for a fundraiser, the event coordinator should submit a request to the Executive Director or Vice President of Finance of Dup15q Alliance and provide a description of the event. This should also include the amount, if any, of monetary support requested along with a budget for the event. The budget should include a breakdown of how monies provided by Dup15q Alliance would be used and how the event coordinators expect to create their revenues. 

The right to use of the name "Dup15q Alliance" will not be granted in any contracts unless approved and signed by the Dup15q Alliance Board of Directors.

Families wishing to use the Dup15q Alliance name and/or logo in their event should contact Dup15q Alliance at info@dup15q.org at least 45 days prior to their event with a proposal for intended uses of the name and/or logo.