March 11, 2019 - CNF 2019 Education Initiative - Management of Disruptive and Harmful Behavior in Epilepsy and Autism Disorder


We are proud to partner with The Child Neurology Foundation’s (CNF) 2019 education initiative.  The Child Neurology  Board of Directors has identified Management of Disruptive and Harmful Behavior in Epilepsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder as the focus of its 2019 education initiative. 

CNF’s mission to serve as a collaborative center of education and support of children and families living with neurologic conditions allows us to be ideally situated to explore the existing chasm between healthcare provider’s ability to offer behavior management support guidance and families’ desire to have access to the best treatment available for their children.  Behavior management is a very broad scope, so in 2019 we will narrow our focus to the more extreme cases of disruptive and harmful behaviors in epilepsy and autism spectrum disorder.  While our scope may seem limited, we are confident the information and resources that result from this initiative will benefit the broader child neurology community.

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