March 20th-21st, 2018 (Columbus, OH): Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System Collaborative Learning Event.

March 20th-21st, 2018 (Columbus, OH): Executive Director, Vanessa Vogel-Falrley, attended the Epilepsy Learning Healthcare System Collaborative Learning Event.

This event brought together representatives from groups committed to build a community of people with epilepsy, caregivers,healthcare providers, researchers, and other stakeholders who work together to reduce seizures and improve outcomes for all people with epilepsy through a learning healthcare system (LHS). The goal is to create a cyclical process in which clinical data are collected at the point of care, analyzed, and rapidly disseminated to change practice and improve outcomes, again and again. The initial focus is on quality, given the American Academy of Neurology Child Neurology Quality Measures (which include
several epilepsy specific measures) and the recent revision of Epilepsy Quality Measures. The long-term vision is to facilitate research in quality, health services, epidemiology, comparative effectiveness, and evaluation of novel therapies to improve care across the entire spectrum of epilepsy severity. Healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals with epilepsy and their familiesare all equal stakeholders in designing and implementing the learning health network.


Learning Healthcare System