November 30th-December 5th, 2018: American Epilepsy Society Meeting 2018

November 30th-December 5th: American Epilepsy Society Meeting 2018

Executive Director, Vanessa Vogel-Falrley, attended the Epilepsy Leadership Council meeting: The ELC met to review our the accomplishments and priorities of the epilepsy community in the past year and looking forward to the upcoming year. There were 30 epilepsy related organizations represented.

Learning Objectives :
This comprehensive educational meeting provides learners with opportunities to:
• Increase knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment, including novel diagnostic methods and therapeutic modalities of, various manifestations of epilepsy and common comorbidities to enhance clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.
• Be informed about the latest research developments in epilepsy that may translate into clinical care and human therapy in the near future.
• Consider the public health implications of epilepsy and the impact of the disease on patients, communities, and health systems


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