The BIG Give - 2018

June 22nd, 2018: The BIG Give

On June 22nd the Dup15q Alliance hosted our first fundraising marathon that was social media based. What came together was a wonderful combination of hearing from researchers, clinicians, families in a new and accessible way. In 24 hours we were able to spread awareness, reach many more people than ever before and also we raised $57,436.

Every parent FIGHTS for their kids. For parents of special needs kids, the FIGHT is 24/7. Even further, parents of special needs children who have rare diseases fight to even be heard and recognized. For families affected by Dup15q Syndrome, The Dup15q Alliance is in their corner for the FIGHT. Together, our voice is loud!

There has never been progress in any disease state without the push of the parent and support community. As part of a larger organization, we can work together to take action and drive progress.