At the present time, there is no specific treatment that can undo the genetic pattern seen in people with chromosome 15q11.2-13.1 duplication syndrome (dup15q).  Although the fundamental genetic differences cannot be reversed, therapies are available to help address many of the symptoms associated with dup15q.  Physical, occupational, and speech therapy along with special education techniques can help individuals with dup15q to develop to their full potential.

Dup15q Alliance ClInics

The Dup15q clinics are a wonderful resource for dup15q individuals to receive care from clinicians who are knowledgeable and familiar with Dup15q syndrome.  The contact information for each Dup15q clinic is listed on the website.  The clinic coordinator at each site will help facilitate making appointments with the appropriate specialties, which can include neurology, genetics, psychiatry, gastroenterology, physical therapy, etc.  During the visit, there may be opportunities to participate in clinical research.  This is not required but it is a valuable way to help us learn more about dup15q syndrome.  After the visit, recommendations for treatment may be given to take back to your local physician.  If you live close to a Dup15q clinic, follow up care may continue there as needed.  For those who live far away, our Dup15q clinicians are often available to help with any future issues that may arise by phone or email since follow up visits may be difficult.  For any clinic related questions, please email